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5/23/17 - Updated the Evaluation Calendar. (link)
3/28/17 - Updated the definition for PTE in the Annual Report FAQ. (link)
3/27/17 - Added PDF previews of the Major and Minor Substantive Change online forms. (link)
3/24/17 - Updated Forms with new Guidelines for accreditation reports that reflect NWCCU only wants to receive two hard copies instead of five or six (although institutions will still send hard copies to evaluators). (link)
3/24/17 - Updated the Basic Institutional Data Form and added a supplemental spreadsheet (link)
2/1/17 - Updated Directory of Institutions to reflect accreditation at the baccalaureate level for Skagit Valley College (link)
1/27/17 - Updated language for Standard 2.F.7 and Eligibility Requirement 19 (link)
1/25/17 - Registration is now open for the spring workshops. (link)
1/17/17 - Updated the roster of the Board of Commissioners. (link)
1/17/17 - Added the Teach-Out Template in both Word and PDF format to the Forms page (with additional links on the Policies page). (link)
1/9/17 - Updated the Policies page to include the revised Substantive Change Policy and add links for Major and Minor Change Proposals. (link)
11/23/16 - Updated the Calendar of Events to add dates for the Year Seven, Mid-Cycle, and ALO Training Workshops (link)
11/16/16 - Updated Directory of Institutions to include Candidacy at Doctoral level for Western Washington University (link)
11/10/16 - Added June dates for Commission meeting in summer 2017 (link)
10/18/16 - Updated the Complaints Regarding Member and Candidate Institutions Policy (link)
9/20/16 - Updated Dues for 2016-2017 (link)
9/1/16 - Updated Actions and Directory of Institutions (link)
8/26/16 - Updated the Evaluation Calendar to reflect the 2017-2018 academic year (link)
8/25/16 - Updated the Calendar of Events to include the January Board of Commissioners Meeting (link)
8/22/16 - Updated list of Commission Board members (link)
8/22/16 - Updated Probationary Statements in the Directory of Institutions (link)
7/13/16 - Updated Substantive Change fee definitions (link)
7/11/16 - Updated Directory of Institutions (link)
7/1/16 - Updated Substantive Change fee definitions (link)
6/30/16 - Updated Directory of Institutions (link)
6/24/16 - Updated name of Yakima Valley College (link)
6/24/16 - Added Candidacy at Doctoral level to Mount Angel Seminary (link)
5/18/16 - Updated Substantive Change fee descriptions (link)
4/18/16 - Corrected the location of the Evaluator Training Workshop on the Events page (link)
4/5/16 - Updated Substantive Change Policy to include two new items added under Section C "Educational Policy." (link)
4/4/16 - Updated definition of Substantive Change Expediting fees (link)
4/4/16 - Updated Directory of Institutions (link)
3/29/16 - Opened the 2016 Annual Report, updated the Annual Report FAQ, and updated the Annual Report information page (link)
3/15/16 - Added meeting and workshops presentations and documents to the Workshops page (link)
3/14/16 - Updated the Comprehensive Evaluation Schedule (link)
3/14/16 - Updated Directory of Institution with information on upcoming and past evaluations (link)
3/6 - The Summary of Commission Actions for the January 2016 meeting is now available on the website (link)
3/7/16 - Updated Tacoma Community College to include candidacy at the baccalaureate level (link)
2/24/16 - Added Substantive Change guidelines for Competency-Based Education Review and Approval Requirements for Institutions (link)
2/24/16 - Updated the Directory of Institutions to reflect actions taken at the January meeting of the Board of Commissioners (link)
2/17/16 - Updated the Contact Page to include new email addresses for Kayli Martin, Elsa (Buckley) Gossett, and to add new employee Jan Wilson (link)
2/16/16 - Added Oregon Coast Community College to the Directory of Institutions (link)
2/5/16 - Updated the Calendar of Events (link)
2/3/16 - Corrected a typo on the website page for Standard Four (link)
1/29/16 - Updated the Evaluation Schedule to reflect the revised evaluation date for Utah State University (link)
1/29/16 - Updated the "Forms" Page to include links to Guidelines for the Preparation of Initial and Interim Candidacy Self-Evaluation Reports, and Guidelines for the Preparation of Initial Accreditation Self-Evaluation Reports (link)
1/15/16 - Added additional information regarding the spring workshops (link)
1/14/16 - Updated date of evaluation for Washington State University (link)
1/12/16 - Updated roster of Commissioners (link)
Added registration information and links for the 2016 Annual Meeting and the spring Workshops (link)
12/8/15 - Added Baccalaureate Candidacy for Grays Harbor College and Whatcom Community College (link)
12/4/15 - Updated registration date for Annual Meeting due to delay in processing registration software (link)
12/1/15 - Updated Evaluation Visit Schedule (link)
11/24/15 - Updated description of Warning status on Guidelines for Completing Confidential Recommendation Forms
11/5/15 - Fixed broken link leading to Substantive Change Policy on the Forms page (link)
10/29/15 - Added updated 2016 Annual Meeting information and opened the 2016 Annual Meeting events page (link)
10/26/15 - Updated roster of Commissioners (link)
10/20/15 - Updated Substantive Change Application Form (link) and Substantive Change Policy (link)
10/12/15 - Updated Directory of Institutions (link)
10/6/15 - Updated Calendar of Events page to reflect postponement of Evaluator Training Workshop (link)
10/2/15 - Updated the Evaluation Schedule and Directory of Institutions to reflect a postponement in comprehensive evaluation date for Umpqua Community College (link)
9/29/15 - Updated the Directory of Institutions to reflect the new name for National University of Natural Medicine (link)
9/28/15 - Updated Evaluation Schedule page to reflect updates in scheduled visits and also dates of fall 2015 and spring 2016 visits (link)
9/16/15 - Added due date for Spring 2016 reports without visits - March 1, 2016
9/15 - Added new applicants to Directory of Institutions
9/15 - Updated 2015/2016 Dues and Fees (link)
9/15 - Updated Substantive Change application form and Policies page to include email address for Substantive Change submissions (link and link)
9/15 - Updated website links and names of other regional accrediting bodies (link)
9/15 - The Summary of Commission Actions for the June 2015 meeting is now available on the website (link)
9/15 - The site map has been updated to fix broken links and add the page for summary of Commission actions (link)
9/15 - The NWCCU contact page has been updated with new staff members and new titles (link)
The Commission's Policies are no longer under revision. Updated policies have been finalized and are available on the website (link)